Friday, May 9, 2014

Amal Alamuddin; Yalda Hakim - What do the PRETTY FACES represent

Amal Alamuddin
Yalda Hakim
I like to bring out two faces which are exceptionally beautiful and can attract any male from 10-100 years age; they are very successful in their professional lives…. The most interesting part is: they are children of Islam following parents.  While Amal Alamuddin, Beirut born, human rights British lawyer occupies a huge chunk of the discussions on the net today for grabbing the most eligible Hollywood bachelor in her kitty; Yalda Hakim, an Afghan born Australian broadcaster has made a place in the hearts of viewers starting from Bangladesh to all along Western countries  via BBC world network.

The idea of this blog is neither to hurt anybody’s feelings nor to intrude into the privacy of these two pretty women; but to let the readers know that if some one who happen to be merely born in Lebanon or Afghanistan need not be tagged with a specified class or creed. The Bollywood (INDIA) actor, Shahrukh Khan who did a splendid job of producing a film (shot in USA)  “My Name is Khan”,  but “I am not a Terrorist” ; ironically had to face the wrath of immigration officials at the entry port of USA simply due to his surname. I am not trying to name a country, a group or an individual here. To quote my own personal example here in India, I had to cancel my flight to New Delhi from Hyderabad, where I was to attend the advisory council member meeting of Google Lunar X-prize; as my name was matching exactly with one of the suspect of the bomb explosion that had just taken place (in my home city: Hyderabad). Why did I do this.... I was only scared of unmindful frisking and the crazy environment which was prevailing in curbing the terrorism at that time. Whom should I blame.... NONE... these are the bad days we are going through.

Amal Alamuddin:
The news of George Clooney allegedly getting engaged to Amal Alamuddin has brought a huge splash in the entire world. What a combination it is; on one side we have the most charming and sought after bachelor while on the other the lady with a combination of stunning looks, intelligence and the one who has been representing none other than Julian  Assange and few other very high profile cases.

What all can I write about AMAL….. just today the Wikipedia page got updated on her, and will continue to be getting done; every bit of news percolating is read with enormous interest; it is difficult to guess whether it was Clooney’s enormous following of Hollywood, or the charm of AMAL or it is the amalgamation which is catching the attraction all around the globe.  A local news paper has quoted that when Mr. Clooney proposed to AMAL she took it as a joke. A simple google check on her name takes me to 10s and 10s of pages narrating the very recent stories primarily woven around her engagement to George Clooney and their future plans of getting married in October-2014. Indeed, I read a dozen posts and cant stop adding here that; both family members of bride as well as groom are happy to see the couple uniting; including the dad of AMAL claiming that Mr. Clooney may now be called Mr. George Alamuddin (on the lighter vein).

Yalda Hakim:
Yalda Hakim has gone through Hollywood film like sequences  in her life, while she was 6-months old (narration);  her father had to smuggle them with the little Yalda strapped to her mother’s back while her two brothers walked along with few armed men escorting them during the night time across Afghanistan into Pakistan; with the journey lasting for about 10-days. As she grew up in Australia and finally landed a Special Broadcasting Services job; she came up with amazing stories which included retracing her childhood journey to covering the Bangladesh factory fires, disturbances in Libya and the ONLY reporter entering into a place near Khandahar (Afghanistan) where one Peace keeping  soldier had massacred 16-civilians.

Today Yalda’s BBC world coverage reaches millions across the globe, she has been appreciated not only for her extremely attractive looks but also for asking the probing questions to the reporters across the globe; who else could do a better job than a foot soldier of the same field.

The two pretty faces after all represent a progressive and hard working women acheiveing the best in this world of opportunities; can be called as progressive global citizens. I wish and pray that the world we live will be a great place for every individual. Let there not be any prejudices about cast, creed, religion, region, color and social status. Let us respect each other and let there be a peace all around…. AAMEN…

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