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Next step for M.Sc. students

In the present era of IT dominance, STEM subjects: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics have taken a back seat among the younger generations. My association with the University of Hyderabad (past 7-years) has offered me an ample opportunity to help post graduate (M.Sc.) students finding avenues in performing higher studies.... M.Tech., M.Phil., Ph.D. I will be confining myself to the subject of PHYSICS, but the students from other branches too can be benefited from the clues offered here; it is addressed to the students of INDIA.

The foremost step for the M.Sc. students is NOT to look for jobs right away; if one decides to venture into teaching (after M.Sc.); to get into a respected school/college one needs to have a B.Ed. qualification. The option of doing M.Phil. would also make him/her eligible for teaching at graduate level college. The third option is: M.Tech. at IITs and IISc (and few other places). This degree (M.Tech) too would blend the M.Sc. student towards technology which would open doors to Industry. Few organisations like: BARC (Mumbai), IITM (Pune) and centers under ISRO, DRDO offer "Scientist-SC" jobs; which is a regular job at these R&D institutes.

The most suitable option for the M.Sc. students is to opt for Ph.D. This would lead to a doctorate in Physics and certainly places the candidate on a firm platform of getting into wide fields of Education, Research and Industry. One need not to be concerned about financial support; it is not correct to believe that the 5-6 years span of Ph.D. program would add a burden on the parents. To quote my own example, my father was to retire just around the time (1984) of my completion of M.Sc.; I could support my family from the handsome amount of fellowship I was drawing from a national level R&D institute (ISRO's Physical Research Laboratory) for all those 6-years of pursuing Ph.D. 

The student has to take call on the topic of his interest; accordingly one can proceed further on choosing an institution for performing Ph.D. Within the given topic, there is again a choice of theory vs. experimental; there are institutes which specialize in a given type of research. I tried to compile a survey of institutes by subject; which should help students in browsing thru various institutes which offer Ph.D. programs here in India.

Institutes offering Ph.D. program:
The order of institutes given below is completely irrelevant:

JEST: Joint Entrance Screening Test is the most respected and acknowledged qualification criterion for applying to many research centers across India.

NET: The National Eligibility Test conducted by UGC is an easy ticket to join many research programs in the universities (and IITs) across India and also helps as a qualifying certificate applying to the post of Assistant Professor in the academic institutes.

Subjects (short form): 
A&A-Astronomy & Astrophysics,      CMP-Condensed Matter Physics,
At-Atomic, En-Energy,                      HEP-High Energy Physics,
QFT-Quantum Field Thoery,              Phy-Physics, Exp-Experimental, Th.-Theoretical

I. Theoretical Physics, Condense Matter Physics, High Energy Physics + Other
Name of the Institute (with link): Subjects offered - Admission procedure for Ph.D.

TIFR : A&A, CMP, High En. Phy, Th. Phy., Nuclear/Atomic - Own/JEST

SINP: Nuclear Phys, Ast.&Cosmology, Crystallography, CMP, High En. Nuc.Phy., Plasma Phys., Surface Physics, Theory - JEST

SNBNCBS: Ast.&Cosmology, CMP, Material Sc., Theory - JEST

Mohali: NMR, Low Temp Lab., BioPhys. Soft Matter Phys. Laser Phys., CMP, String Theory
Pune: A&A, At.Phys., Nonlinear Opt., CMP., Gravitation, QFT., HEP, Plasmaonics, Soft CMP
Klkta: CMP, A&A, Cosmology, Nano-Sciences, HEP
Tvm: CMP,HEP,Optics, Stat.Mechanics

II. Atomic, Molecular Physics, Optics, Lasers, Photonics + Other subjects  
IISc : A&A, At. Opt, Exp. CMP, Th. CMP - JEST

IIT-K: CMP-Th./Exp., Ion beam, Plasma, Nuclear Solid State Laser Photonics, HEP Th., - Own

IIT-B: HEP Th./Exp., CMP, Opt.&Photonics, Soft Matter - Own

IIT-D: CMP-Th./Exp., Opt.&Photonics, Plasma & Nuclear Phys - Own

IIT-Kgp: A&A, Optics & Photonics - Own

IIT-M: App.Optics, At&Mol Phys, Low Temp.Phys., Magnetic materials, MW and Dielectrics, Nanomaterial and Nanostructure, Nonlinear Optics, Semiconductor Phys., Theoretical Phys., Ultrafast Lasers and Optical Amplifiers - Own

IIT-G: CMP-Th./Exp., Laser &Photonics, Th.Phys., HEP, Asto Phy., Computational BioPhys. - Own

IIT-H: HEP, CMP-Th./Exp., Opt. Spect, Laser Plasma Phys. - Own

IIT-Bbnr: Th.Phys., Optics, CMP, HEP, At.&Mol.Phys - Own

IIT Roorkee : Smart Materials&Molecular Electronics, Carbon Nanotubes, Photonics and Fiber Optic

III. Astronomy & Astrophysics, Cosmology + Other
IIA: A&A dedicated institute, Sun, Solar system, Space Astronomy, Techniques and Instrumentation - JEST

IUCAA : Cosmology, Galactic Astronomy, Gravitational waves, High En.Astrophys., Instrumentation Astronomy, Observational Astronomy, Solar Physics, Solar system and stellar Phys.  JEST

NCRA: The milkyway, Interstellar medium, Nearby Galaxies, Active Galaxies and Clusters, Cosmology, Pulsars and Transients  JEST

RRI: A&A, Light Matter Physics, Soft Condense Matter Physics, Th.Phys. JEST

ARIES: A&A, Solar Phys., Atmospheric Sciences

IV. Atmospheric Sciences, Meteorology, Space Sciences, GeoSciences + Other
PRL : A&A, At.Opt, GeoSc, Planetary Sc., Space &Atmospheric Sc, Th.Phy - JEST 

VSSC-SPL: Atmospheric Sc., Planetary Sciences, MW Boundary layer Phys., Numerical Atmos. Modelling, Aerosol Chemistry, Ionosphere Themosphere Magnetosphere, Atmospheric Tech., Space borne Expts - Own

IIST-Tvm: A&A, Atmos.Sc., Solid Earth, Remote Sensing, Applied Adaptive Optics, At.&Mol.Phys., Nonlinear Dynamics, Photonics, Quantum Information, Statistical Physics - Own

NPL : Material Phys.&Engg., Radio & Atmos Sci., Quantum Phenomenon and applications - Own

IITM: Meteorology, Seasonal and extended rain prediction, Tropical Clouds, Monsoon mission, Atmospheric Chemistry - Own

IIGM: Upper Atmosphere, Solid Earth, Antartica - Own

NARL: Middle, Upper Atmospheric Studies, MST Radar, Rayleigh Radar, Atmospheric Wind Profiler, Sodar, Optical Rain Gauge Own

V. Plasma Physics:
IPR: Plasma Physics Thoery/Exp. , Plasma Diagnostics, Fusion Technologies - JEST 

IIT-D:  Plasma & Nuclear Phys - Own

SINP:  Plasma Phys., Surface Physics - JEST

CPP : Dusty Plasma, Electron Positron Ion Plasma  Own

Central Universities & Others: 
UoH: CMP, HEP, Quantum optics, nonlinear optics, laser physics, solid state physics, material sciences, electronic sciences, Glasses and Ceramics, Liquid crystals, Thin films, QFT, Cosmology

JNU: Chemical Physics, Inorganic, Organic and Physical Chemistry, Computational Physics, CMP, , Mathematical Physics,  Nonlinear Dynamics, Probability Measure, Quantum Chaos, Quantum Optics, Statistical Nuclear Physics, and String Theory

Tezpur Univ:  CMP, Electronics and Photonics, High Energy Physics, Nanoscience & Technology and Astrophysics

Panjab Univ: Nuclear Phy. (Th./Exp), CMP (Th./Exp), HEP (Th./Exp), Astrophysics, Planetary Sc., Geochronology, Spectroscopy

Pune Univ: Materials Science, Solid State Physics, CMP, Scanning Tunneling Microscopy, Cloud Physics, Thin/Thick Films, Diamond Coatings, Nuclear and Accelerator Physics, Lasers, Plasma Physics, Field Electron/Ion Microscopy, Biophysics


BITS (Own)
Pilani : CMP, Optics, Spectroscopy, Field Theory, Quantum Computation
Hyderabad: Nanoscience, Photonics, Renewable Energy
Goa: HEP, CMP, Astrophysics, Optics

SRM Univ.:


CSIR-Labs(to be added soon)

DRDO labs

DAE Jobs

Regional Research Labs

N.B.: The authenticity of subjects offered and admission procedure can be assured with the host institute, while the author takes no responsibility what so ever. 

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